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You Let Me Down

I was listening to Mali Music’s song “The Job Experience” which is a modern day twist on the story of Job. The man in the song was dealing with unfortunate issues in his life and he prayed to God to help his … Continue reading

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Would You Get the Job?

After I graduated from college, I was vigorously searching for a job. While I was doing so,  I came across many applications that asked for references. Not that this was a new discovery or something that I didn’t already know, … Continue reading

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That’s It?!

In a discipleship class that I took at my church, one of the assignments was to list your talents and state how you planned to utilize them. I made a list but the only talent that I felt was the … Continue reading

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Now, that’s what you don’t do!

As a young Christian, I’ve realized (and I’m sure you have too) that sometimes living for God gets tough. We see people who seem to have it all together and never do any wrong and sometimes that may make us … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start

So…here I am, once again, for the 7,458,648th time starting a blog. *le sigh* I’ve gone from tumblr to blogspot back to tumblr (on a new account) and now to this domain. I’ve started and stopped for almost about two … Continue reading

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