What about me?

You have this person that you claim that you are best friends with. You love them with all of your heart and just enjoy who they are as a person. You think that they are great. So, because of this friendship that you have with this individual, they try to make time to hang out with you. Nothing serious, just a check-in here and there, maybe an hour hangout, just to see how things are going. Every time this person calls and tries to make plans with you you tell them that you are too busy or you are unable to make it. As time goes by you keep telling yourself, “Man…we really need to hang out. I’ll be sure to make time for them tomorrow or later on this week.” Days go by and the hangout time with your friend keeps getting postponed. All the while, they never get mad at you or stop trying to spend time with you even though they have every reason to do so.

 Isn’t that how we are sometimes with spending time with God? We know that we need to spend time in prayer with Him or that we need to read our Bible or even just sit still in His presence and yet we just keep putting Him on the back burner as if He’s not important. I’ve been a victim of this plenty of times. God is not some pompous holy being that has no regards for His children. He has feelings and emotions and He desires to spend time with you. You think you’re too busy to pray but you make time for everything else under the sun. You’ll spend hours hanging out with your friends but can’t steal away for 15 minutes to spend time in God’s presence. What’s wrong with that picture? I’m not trying to make it sound like you have to spend 20 hours in your room on your knees praying to God every day. I think a lot of times that’s how we view our time with God should be so, in turn, we don’t do it. But it’s really as simple as saying a prayer of thanks when you wake up in the morning or reading and meditating on a scripture or a topic you’ve read in your Bible. You don’t have to start out doing the most but as you make time for God you’ll find that you’ll desire to want to spend more and more time with Him. God is waiting for and expecting your presence..don’t leave Him hanging.

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