A “Get My Life” DETOX

Man oh man, this year has just started and already I feel as though it’s been too hectic. Not so much because I’ve been busy but just simply because I have been so overwhelmed by my thoughts and my life and where I want to be and where I feel I am not. To be completely transparent, I feel like I’m going through the dreaded “quarter-life crisis.” There has been so much that I have been thinking about: plans and projects I want to begin, things I’ve already started that I need to be more consistent with *cough cough* this blog and my vlog channel and ultimately creating the life that I am imagining for myself; and, to be honest, the process of doing all of that has left me feeling very discouraged and down in the dumps. Usually, whenever I feel this way it is because I have lost focus of God and His plan for my life. I have been getting more caught up in what other people are doing and what I am not doing, comparing what I am doing with what they are doing, and then feeling like I should be doing what they are doing when what they are doing is not even meant for me to do. Was that confusing to you? If so, imagine how I have been feeling. Lol. These thoughts, among others, are the reasons for why I am feeling the way I am. 

So what’s the remedy for this situation? A DETOX…a fast, a spiritual refocusing, a societal decluttering…call it what you want but the bottom line is: I’m out of here! (figuratively, of course)  What initially started out as a being a sugar detox to rid my body of all the sweets I indulged in over the holidays is turning into a complete spiritual refocusing and almost societal unplugging…a mind, body, and soul purging of sorts. I have been thinking about doing this since the new year began and after reading Baratunde Thurston’s article about how he did something similar, it was all the confirmation I needed to go forth with it.

I have toooooo many distractions and other things clouding my head at the moment so I just want to get away. With that being said, social media is the FIRST to go…specifically, Instagram. I’ve found myself scrolling and comparing, scrolling, scrolling, exiting out & putting the phone down, only to pick it up a minute later and scroll some more. Hours later I’m like: “REALLY CRYSTAL? REALLY?!” So yeah, that’s out along with other social media outlets. Then, of course, television is another distraction for me as well. Ever since I put it back in my room at the beginning of January it has been the death of any of my productive being. Finally, the initial culprit that triggered my desire to go on a detox in the first place…SWEETS. *le sigh* Since before Thanksgiving up until probably the middle of January, I had been going all the way in on desserts, candy bars, sweet tea, you name it…all in the name of “The Holidays.” Well, my body quickly reminded me that the holidays were over and that I could not be about that life any more. So yeah, no sweets for this month. In its place I plan to drink more water and continue eating healthier. As far as the aforementioned things that I am giving up, I will DEFINITELY be replacing it with time in the Word, prayer and increased devotional time. It may sound cliché but I just really need to sit with the Lord.

So I hope you guys won’t be too sad in my absence, even though I seem to have been absent for a while anyway lol…now, you know why. I have a lot of sorting out and refocusing to do. I haven’t completely decided whether or not I am going to stop making blog posts and videos during this time so be on the lookout just in case. If I do not, I will be back in a month’s time, prayerfully, more focused and with good things in store!

Take care & God bless,


*[Pee ess]: My little sister Lauren White has launched her blog, “Confessions of a Lady” It’s purpose is to dispel the myths of perfection associated with being a lady and redefining it God’s way. Check it out at confessionsofalady.org and be sure to like her page on Facebook, follow the page on Instagram @confessionsofalady, and on Twitter @COAL_gems. Please support her and this movement! You won’t regret it!

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