What Have You Done?

This is the question that has been ringing in my head ever since I found out that Dr. Myles Munroe died. What I have been feeling and how it has impacted me is different than any other death I have experienced. Though I feel deeply saddened by his departure from this earth, the overwhelming emotion that I feel most is one of introspection and this blatant realization of the reality of death. I think we all understand that death is real but we don’t really understand the reality of death. We know that we all have to die but we don’t realize that it truly can happen at any time. And here you have a man who has done so much for the kingdom of God and made such an impact within the world and he’s gone in an instant. It really makes me think, what have I done? Am I using all that God has given me to make an impact in His kingdom? Or am I going to be the next person to add value to the cemetery because of all the gifts and talents that I let die within me? As painful as his passing is to accept, I feel that Dr. Munroe left the world fulfilling and walking in the call for his life.

This whole ordeal just makes me realize the importance of intentional living; living in a way that glorifies God and fulfills the purpose of your life. I don’t want to leave here not doing what God called me to do nor do I want to live as if I have all the time in the world to do it because I don’t know how much time that may be. I was once told by a college professor who taught Shakespearean literature that tragedies produce good results because they inspire you to do better…I see what he means now.

I am inspired to live better. I want to die empty. Live on Dr. Myles Munroe.

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