Where have you been giiiirl?!


Sooo, umm, yeah…it’s been a looong time since I have been up here and I must sincerely apologize. I took a detox and never returned. There had just been a lot going on mentally that had me a bit overwhelmed if I am being completely honest. Before you get concerned, it wasn’t anything major or detrimental. I just think I had been/may still be dealing with a mini quarter-life crisis of some sorts; the constant wonderings of what is next in life and what I’m doing and or not doing. It got to be quite overwhelming. But now I am back with the goal of being more consistent and growing and expanding this platform. I have some other things I have been thinking about incorporating on here so I’ll just take it all in stride. I’ve started to get my mojo back and I’m ready to get the momentum going. I hope you’ll stick around!

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