Learn from your experiences

Experiences mean nothing if you don’t value the lesson provided. What’s the point of learning the lesson if you don’t apply it to life experiences from then on? To know and still do the opposite is foolish and why would you want to be categorized amongst fools? Take heed to life’s lessons and use it as a tool for self-improvement. Don’t continue to fall victim to an event you’ve already experienced and wonder how you ended up in the same predicament again. If you’re in the same predicament it is because of your own doing. God does not teach you lessons just so you can forget what you have been taught. He wants it to stick so that you can be prepared if it happens again. Don’t be a fool.

I was cleaning out an old notebook from when I was in school and found a paper with random notes jotted on it. Dated from 9.26.08. I figured I’d share it and maybe it would help somebody.

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